The story behind the man

finding out the hard way

There are some things that you will refuse to belive until you see them for yourself. I don't really want to write about this but what good is a life story if you don't tell it all? We were playing lot and making(i'm talking about the band i was in at the time called STONEHEAD,we later changed our name to ASH WEDNESDAY)good money.Good money buys bad things tho'. i got introduced to cocaine at a party and  from that moment until the next, i dont know how many years; that was all it was about. I was out there really bad doing things that I didnt normally do, I sold my equipment as soon as I got it, if I had to do a show, I would go out and get a guitar and amp play the show or tour and as soon as it was over sell the stuff to buy drugs.Now bear in mind that for a long while I was still living in West Chatham and still seeing all of  my friends, I dont know if they noticed anything different about me and if they did they never said anything, but i wish to god someone had.like  I said this is not in the correct order but I will  fix it after I get it all written down so i can look at it.anyway around 1978 i was not doing to much playing because ASH WEDNESDAY had disbanded , I played in a few local bands but  it always came back to the same thing the drugs , which were preventing me from realizing mty potential as a serious musician. I  finally deceided to stop taking  and straighten up. a lady named Jerline Shelton(Jerline and Friends Band) gave me a call one afternoon and said she had some stuido work for and was I interested. so I got my gear and drove over to Curtis Mayfields studio(Curtom) where we  recorded a song called "Spank Your Blank Blank" it was a cute little song and I didnt think to much about it. Two weeks later a friend called and said turn the radio to WGCI, when I did the first thing I heard  was my Guitar Solo from the song. They played that song twice every hour for the next couple of weeks and it ended up being a #1 hit record( #34 on Billboard) the first I ever played on! It even went into the Guineiss Book of World Records as the first song to go from studio to hit record in the period of time that it did. We ended getting a platinum record for it and we played on SOUL TRAIN and AMERICAN BANDSTAND. I was finally getting noticed as a Guitar Player.Everyone in the hood was congradulating me and also buying the record ,oh by the way the name of the guy whose album it was is Morris Jefferson. Right now the song is still very popular in Japan,China ,and all over Europe. In the States it is a Collectors Item(anybody got one they want to sell? I gave my only copy to Margie Payne!). Someone once told me that success often leads to failure if you let it get to you. And,just like that im back to doing the same old things! Now this is around 1978-79 and once again im not playing with anyone but the Cocaine Fairy. I had taken a day job as a supervisor for a school bus company and i was making real good money for that time. I was seeing a girl in the neighborhood  and I would go by her house everyday EXCEPT Friday  which was payday.She finally told me that she wasn't stupid and I needed to figure out what I wanted the most,A life that was clean and free or to be chained to slavery. She also told me that from now on she expected me at her house at Six o'clock every Friday or I should just go my way. To my surprise I started doing just what she said and her and I would stay at home watching movies, playing backgammon, acey- deucy(which i could never win)and just being there for each other.This went on for maybe seven or eight  months,  I didnt even realize that I was getting better, not using at all, and actually had built up quite a little nest egg. And  then on September 22nd she told she had something to tell me. She sat me down in the dining room and told me that it was time for me to go. We had some good times but this is the end and ill walk you to the door.She said it just like that   I stood there wondering what I did wrong and she read my mind and said its not you, its not me, its time. So after she so gently put me out I went home and sat on my steps with my guitar and started to write.


This is the period when I wrote some of the best lyrics of my life. Which is funny because they WERE about my life. I was having a rough time without her in my life anymore, and it  took every ounce of strength in my body to keep away from the drug scene, but I did because I need ed to show her, I needed to show myself that I could stay on the straight and narrow.I would walk around the neighborhood  humming and singing to myself. lyrics and music that had no form, no pattern. The words would come and I would hurry home and jot them down and try to put them to the music that danced about in my head. Song after song would  enter my brain  and I treated them all the same, write them down and listen to the strange music in my head.